103 Hot Pilates & Yoga  classes are taught in Las Vegas’ most luxurious environment. Our state of the art heating and humidifying equipment maintains the perfect space for the classes offered at 103 Hot Pilates & Yoga. This system also refreshes the air when needed to obtain a clean odor free studio to enhance your practice. Our spa like ambiance is warm and inviting to both men and women. Each class is individually choreographed with teacher’s choice of music that will complement each class. We appeal to both the yogi who has been practicing for many years, athletes looking to add flexibility and detoxification to their workout and to the person who has never practiced hot pilates or yoga.


103 HPX 60 minute class promises to sculpt and tone your body, strengthen the core and improve your cardiovascular system. Hot Pilates will burn hundreds of calories by focusing on cardio circuit  training and promote more lean sculpted muscles. This class is taught in 100 degrees with 40% humidity. While all 103 Hot Pilates & Yoga classes are choreographed to inspirational music, this class is high energy, upbeat and the most fun Pilates class you will ever experience!



Designed for anyone who is new to yoga, or interested in further instruction on postures and breath.  This is a beginner level yoga class, lasting 60 minutes, will help build strength and flexibility. 103 Intro Yoga is slightly heated, 90-95 degrees with minimal humidity. 103 Intro Yoga is a great way to introduce heat into your practice.


Be ready to sweat and move!!! This rigorous heated power flow 60 minute yoga class, will challenge and energize your mind and body. 103 Hot Power Flow detoxifies, strengthens and burns calories, while working out to energizing music.  Room temperature is 103 degrees with 40% humidity.


103 Power Yoga Sculpt 60 minute class is a total body work out designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Using provided dumb bells, you will move through sun salutations, squats, lunges, bicep and tricep curls and other yoga postures, enabling additional length and depth to each pose. This class firms glutes, tone arms, tightens and flattens abs. This unique combination of yoga and strength training promotes greater long term effects on your metabolism and weight loss through building lean muscle mass.  103 Power Yoga Sculpt is taught in 103 degree and 40% humidity.


This total body workout class is designed to burn fat and calories while developing strength and agility! This 60 minute class begins with a brief warm up then jumps right in to cardio blast, weights, abs, core, and endurance training before finishing with a cool down. 103 Barefoot Boot Camp is high energy, loud fun music and lots of fun. “The class doesn’t get easier, you’re getting stronger”. Room temperature will be 98 degrees with 30-40% humidity. Plan to sweat like crazy while working every muscle group!

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