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This training program is intended for the beginning student who is not quite ready to take on the challenges of a typical “all levels” yoga class, but has always wanted to try.

It’s great for newer students who may feel too intimidated or overwhelmed to join other set series or flow-based yoga classes for the first time. This 4-week course will familiarize new students with both the language of yoga and the methods used to work into various postures. Students will cultivate a deeper understanding of how to develop their individual practice. At the end of the program, students will be able to confidently participate in any of the other yoga classes offered at the studio.

Starts June 5, 2021

Time commitment:
-Two in person sessions a week; Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 3:15pm.
-Each class is a stepping stone to the next, so all classes must be attended.
-Option to substitute an in-person class for a online version in order to stay up to date.
Saturdays will be taught by Jill
Sundays will be taught by Kim

Limited space available!