Danie has been a fitness professional in the Las Vegas community for the last four years, teaching half a dozen different modalities while always maintaining his signature flair.  He comes to us from Minnesota (clock the accent) and calls himself a career performer because his 15 year background covers everything from theater to dance to drag.  In class, he brings that creative experience and high-octane energy to deliver unique and challenging workouts that will leave you feeling like the rockstar that you are!  His strength training background influences his programs, which are designed to help build lean muscle tissue while solidifying your core and burning off excess fat.  Expect a broad range of energetic music that matches his personality and includes virtually every genre (as long as it has a beat you can feel in your BONES) If you want your workout to truly be an experience: Danie is IT! Bonus: you can also catch him two doors down teaching spin at The Ride!