Injury led jennifer to yoga in 2001. her first savasana was all it took. She knew from that very first experience that she wouldn’t be able to function without it again. Yoga and it’s concept of just being “here” and breathing gave her the freedom and peace she had been unknowingly searching for. Through the power of being present it changed her life, opening a world of limitless possibility. Influenced by many different styles of yoga, most heavily in vinyasa she attached quickly to ashtanga yoga. With its incredible discipline and strength, she found the right challenge to be comfortably uncomfortable. Always, a student, continuing her education on the mat daily, she takes workshops and trainings yearly. Seeking out respected and educated teachers that continue to spark this journey of self discovery. Recently traveling to india to study with sharath jois in 2018 and 2019. strong alignment cues with a playful atmosphere, hands on adjustments, and creative sequencing can be expected when embarking on jen’s classes. A lover of the body and its anatomy, she sought to learn more graduating from massage school in 2005. She has been teaching group and private classes since 2006. Recognized by yoga alliance 200eryt and yacep.