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Are you not seeing the results you want? Having trouble fueling your body properly? Macrofit by 103 might be the perfect solution for you!

Why count Macros?

If you eat less calories than you burn, you will likely lose weight. But counting calories can only tell you so much; if you’re not careful and don’t eat the right calories, you’ll likely lose muscle, too! When you count macros and have the right plan, you supply your body with what it needs to perform. Knowing that you are getting enough food helps to not over eat or under eat. You’re able to stay on track and it becomes more of a lifestyle than a diet. You can get the results you want by losing fat and gaining muscle. 

What are Macros?

Macro counting means tracking the number of protein, carbohydrates and fats you consume on a particular day. They are found in all foods in varying amounts, measured in grams (g) on the nutrition label. 

*Fat provides 9 calories per gram

*Protein provides 4 calories per gram

*Carbohydrates provide 4 calories per gram

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What does the 6 weeks entail?

-Personalized Macro Count

-Example Meal Plan

-Weekly Email Check-ins

-Macro Adjustment if needed

-How to count Macros using MyFitnessPal guide

-10 Macro friendly recipes 

-4 Weigh-ins

-Access to our private Facebook page

$199 for this 6 week program 

Sign up now to join our 6 week Macros group starting June 7th!

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